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Shared workspaces | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)

Discover our solutions for Shared Workspaces

Legrand offers a wide array of systems for distributing power and data depending on the building infrastructure: false or open ceiling, concrete floor or raised access floor and perimeter. Kaleïs, a multifunctional and stylish cable management system for buildings without false ceiling brings power and data where users need it. For efficient distribution through the floor, the Soluflex floor system can be combined with Cablofil wire mesh cable tray, ultra-compact powertrack busbar systems and floor boxes fitted with Arteor power and data sockets. The overall modular design allows all connections to accommodate new digital equipment to be fitted within easy reach.


Kaleïs cable management

Kaleïs cable management systems, technical flooring, busbars - complete solutions that adapt easily and facilitate change.

Manageable Wifi Access

Manageable Wi-Fi access points for false ceiling – for network extension up to 600m2 free space. LCS2 area distribution boxes for copper and fibre optic: easy consolidation and redistribution close to the workstation.

Desktop Modules

Available ready to use or as a customisable solution, our multi-outlet desktop extensions provide a high degree of fl exibility and ease of use for both mobile and deskbased users. With their modern design and compact size, they can adapt to any furniture confi guration and are easily installed on the desks to carry power as close to the user as possible without having to drill through the furniture.

Flush-mounting office modules

Flush-mounting office modules, can be installed unobtrusively in any offi ce furniture and confi gured according to the needs of the user. This integrated solution provides all high and low current connections within easy reach ensuring maximum user comfort.

Legrand wireless charger

Green sockets combined with a time switch allow for automatic disconnection of the power supply for office equipment such as printers or photocopiers during the night or at weekends.