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Frequently asked questions | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)


Do you have questions about the electrical topics? We have the answers! In this section, we tell you everything you need to know about electrical installation, electrical devices, best electricity practices, lightning, and more. Do not hesitate to contact us if your question is not answered!


What are the IP and IK codes?

A safe electrical installation is an installation with certain levels of protection. This protection is ensured in particular during the design of the installation: earthing, installation of protection devices, etc. But it also involves the choice of electrical equipment adapted to the environment in which it will be used. 


What are the key protection devices in an electrical installation?

As all electrical installations are subject to incidents (overcurrents, short circuits, etc.) which pose a risk to people, appliances and buildings/houses, it is essential to implement protective solutions to avoid any danger (electric shock, fire, etc). 6 key devices enable you to ensure optimum safety.


What does Legrand do to ensure quality at all levels?


Since 1904, Legrand has gradually become a global specialist and world leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures. With its longstanding expertise and recognized know-how, Legrand is more than ever committed to ensuring quality at all levels so as to improve comfort and enhance safety everywhere!


What are the risks caused by lightning and the protection against them?

During thunderstorms, lightning strikes the earth, causing physical damage to installations and deteriorating electrical and electronic equipment. It is therefore essential to install reliable systems capable of protecting people and property from the various effects generated.


What is differential protection?

The differential protection guarantees the protection of people in case of current leakage. It is ensured by the differential switch, a modular element located in the electrical panel and equipped with a manually operated lever to restore the current.


What is the function of an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electrical device that stores and redistributes energy: it provides battery backup when the mains power supply fails, thus ensuring continuity of service. It also stabilizes the electrical voltage and eliminates electrical interference, thus ensuring power quality


How to design an electrical installation?

From electrical circuits to service continuity equipment, including protection devices and solutions for managing consumption or lighting, the design of an installation must be anticipated and prepared.


What are the basic modular devices in an electrical installation?

In addition to circuit breakers, surge protectors and other key modular devices dedicated to protection, there are modular control solutions that allow for optimal management of electrical equipment and appliances, and therefore consumption.


have comprehensive electrical installations?


Methodically design your installations and choose the solutions best suited for your sites following 5 key steps! You’ll be sure to offer your clients reliability and efficiency both in new-build and refurbishment work, for all your residential, commercial or industrial projects.


Which solutions for the distribution of high/low voltage in small commercial buildings?

Whether for stores, offices or any other small tertiary environment, Legrand's ranges and Mosaic installation supports can be used in all configurations to equip and distribute strong and weak currents efficiently and simply!


What type of differential switch to choose?

Depending on your electrical installation and the electrical circuits you have, the type of differential switch you need to install may be different, as well as the number.


How to choose a surge protector?

Geographical location of the building, presence or not of a lightning protection system, type of network line, possible public or equipment in presence, many are the criteria to take into account when choosing a surge protector and its associated protection.


What type of electrical installation for each space?

Different power distribution solutions exist to meet all space configurations and any aesthetic requirements of the customer. Through the wall, the ceiling or the floor, the possibilities are numerous!


How to check authenticity for Legrand products?

In only a few clicks, Legrand brings you peace of mind and security by allowing you to check the authenticity of the Legrand marked product you have purchased. 


How to map electrical circuits?

Electrical circuits provide electricity to the entire house from the electrical panel. Each circuit supplies one or more points of use of the same type: lighting point, socket, cable outlet, etc.


How to ground electrical installations?

As a required step in any electrical installation, grounding goes along with the differential protection to ensure the safety of people by ensuring the flow of leakage or fault currents to the ground. We can show you how to do it!


How to choose a UPS

The equipment is normally powered by the mains and the inverter only takes over in the event of a power cut or a significant drop in mains voltage. This switchover to battery power takes a little time (a few milliseconds), etc.


Which electrical installation carry out in homes?

From the design of the electrical panel to the creation of the electrical circuits, including grounding, an electrical installation requires anticipation and precision in order to meet the essential safety rules. 


What are the best electrical practices in humid areas?

Electricity and water have never been compatible, and the design of an electrical installation in wet rooms, such as a bathroom, requires particular caution because they are more exposed to risks than other rooms in the home. The NF C 15-100 standard provides recommendations on this subject.


How to choose a conduit?

The choice of a conduit depends mainly on the type of installation required and your site constraints. Legrand conduits provide a comprehensive selection adapted for all needs and applications in the home, commercial and industrial environments!