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Plexo™ | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)

Plexo™ Legrand Export

The flexibility of an extensive range

In white or grey colours and ensuring maximum flexibility during installation, the Plexo offer is available in both complete and modular versions. In the complete version, you simply need to choose between flush-mounting and surface-mounting products: one catalogue number corresponds to a ready-to-install solution. In the modular version, choose the mechanism with the cover plate and the plate. Depending on the type of mounting desired, complete them with a surface-mounting box or a flush-mounting support. Since the mechanism is common to both mounting types, the choice between surface or flush mounting can be made at the last minute.


Peace of mind on demanding sites

The Plexo programme includes functions with high added value to satisfy the needs of various configurations and site requirements: 2-wire or 3-wire automatic switch without override, light sensitive switch, STP Cat. 6A RJ 45 socket, etc. Prewired sockets, equipped with automatic terminals, mean a substantial improvement in ease of wiring and speed of mounting. Meanwhile Plexo boxes are equipped with end caps with pierceable membrane (without cut-out) which simplify the wiring. The boxes guarantee weatherproofing for any type of entry (cables or tubes) and compensation for misalignment of the conductors.


The art of adaptation

Power sockets in the garden are a great idea. USB sockets are even better! Because it can incorporate all the Mosaic functions, the Plexo adaptor means USB sockets can be flush-mounted in the walls of outdoor installations! Handy for lounging on the terrace and scrolling through your tablet or for recharging your phone nearby while you bask in the pool!