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Structured cabling | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)


LCS³ cabinets and enclosures

The LCS3 cabling cabinet offer is suitable for all your projects, from the smallest to the large- scale highly critical ones. Do you need a specific configuration? Do you have any particular technical or aesthetic demands? Our customised solutions for cabinets and enclosures will be ideal.

Copper LCS³ structured cabling

Thanks to a comprehensive offer, the copper LCS3 system guarantees performance at every level: new RJ 45 connectors now offer increased speeds and performance of 40 Gbps, LCS3 cassettes and high-density patch panels, not forgetting cables, cords and RJ 45 sockets.

Fibre optic LCS³ structured cabling

The fibre optic LCS3 system: the solution for your medium and large-sized commercial sites! Concentrated performance thanks to the compact splicer, take-away performance with the fibre-optic case, scalable performance thanks to the extensive range of modular panels and cassettes, as well as high-density performance with the new LCS3 fibre optic blocks and drawers.