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ELOÉ™ | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)

Experience ELOÉ™

When you choose ELOÉ™ for your project, you are not just choosing a modern design and versatile functions, you are also opting for easy installation – and better value. ELOÉ™ adds to your winning formula. Everything just ADDS up! With Eloé: ADD DETAILS that matter, ADD VALUE to your productivity, ADD POSSIBILITIES to projects, ADD a touch of COMFORT.


Everything just adds up

Good design doesn't have to be complex. No matter how unpredictable the conditions at your worksite may be, ELOÉ™ takes the uncertainty out of your project by making every installation simple, fuss-free, safe, on time - and on budget.

Whether you are working on a integrated development or a straightforward build, ELOÉ™ provides the functions you need.

ELOÉ™ range also provides dedicated hospitality functions for enhancing experiences in both guest rooms and shared spaces.


Add details that matter

With ELOÉ™, it combines details that make sense and add to the overall experience – for both users and installers.

  • Large rocker: Ergonomically designed for a great user experience.

  • Glossy finish: Smooth glossy surface makes cleaning fuss-free.

  • Compliant with  standards: ELOÉ™ is designed to meet international standards – IEC and BS.

  • Strong profile: Clean lines and a distinct shape enhance the visual appeal of ELOÉ™.

  • Subtle curves: Rounded corners and curves add a touch of elegance.

  • Designed to last: Even the concealed functional parts have been carefully designed.


Add value to your productivity

ELOÉ™ guarantees you an easy installation for your projects:

  • Easy to order: 1catalogue number = 1 complete product

  • Safe fast installation: No access to metal parts ensures your safety during installation. The one-piece plate/mechanism also means that installation can be completed in three simple steps.

  • Time saving: Large terminal capacity allows for quick and easy wiring and connection to multiple outlets.

  • Robustness: Ribs make the switch sturdy.

  • Flexibility: Oblong shaped holes ensure flexibility for easy adjustment when the switch is not straight.

  • Universal screw heads: For both wiring and adjusting ELOÉ™, you need only one screwdriver head to get the installation done.


Add possibilities to your projects

ELOÉ™ range is the definition of Versatility for modern living.

  • Universal dimmer suitable for all modern loads: dimmable LEDs, dimmable compact fluorescent lamps, incandescent and halogen lamps and halogen lamps with electronic or ferromagnetic transformer

  • The splash-proof cover allows a 1-gang ELOÉ™ mechanism to be installed in outdoor environments. It also ensure protection against dust. With plug engaged, IP55 protection is maintained.

  • There is no settling for less. ELOÉ™ works both independently and with the Arteor range. The Arteor adapter offers versatility for your every need – residential, commercial and hospitality projects.


Add a touch of comfort

With its multipurpose socket, you can leave it to ELOÉ™ to power and charge up your devices while you recharge yourself.

Eloé will offer you better hospitality experiences with its large offer:

  • Key card switch

  • External indicator for corridor

  • Internal control unit

  • Keystone data socket

  • 2-gang British standard switched 13A socket with USB Type-A & Type-C dual charger

  • 1-gang Multistandard switched 13A socket with USB Type-A charger

  • Shaver socket