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Elle Legrand | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)

Elle@ Legrand: More diversity and equal opportunities for all

"Elle@" is Legrand's program that was born with the objective of building inclusive and diverse spaces that strengthen the role of women inside and outside the company. But today the "Elle@Legrand" program goes far beyond that, we seek to create spaces of coexistence where everyone feels valued and represented, where there is real diversity, inclusion and respect for the balance between personal and professional life and development in both aspects.

elle Legrand

With a mission to make changes from within

To strengthen proposals for innovations to develop equal opportunities between men and women. 

Elle@ Legrand was created in 2013, in France, on the initiative of Legrand Group employees. It is run by an independent office and transversal to all areas. 


Professional evolution, self-affirmation, personal development, balance between private and professional life are themes on which the elle@legrand network reflects, implements devices (mentoring), organization of conferences and exchanges with other Elle@ networks that are present all over the world. 

elle Legrand

The Elle@ Legrand team in numbers

+ 400 members
60% women in the team
28 countries with active networks
16 centers in France

We are the driving force behind the change towards a diverse and modern generation where all are valued and have the same opportunities. #Elle@Legrand

5 Elle@ Legrand action lines

Elle legrand


  • Reconciling professional and private life.
  • Fighting stereotypes from school onwards
  • Attracting new talent (schools)
  • Organize conferences
Elle legrand


  • Develop mentorships
  • Organize conferences/workshops
Elle legrand


  • Women in the electrical and digital sector
  • Embodying the mix with the electrical sector
Elle legrand


Accompany the other commissions to publicize, both internally and externally, the actions of the Elle Legrand Program.

Elle legrand


To implement the network in France (founding country of the program) and internationally to expand the global working points in favor of Elle.

While some companies talk about women's networks, Legrand prefers to talk about networks for diversity

Elle@ Team

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