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Living room | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)


The living room is one of the most convivial rooms in the house, where family and friends gather to enjoy good times, whether for watching television or eating good food. This particular room has electrical installations in terms of lighting and connections, but also multimedia equipment. Legrand guides you in your choice of electrical equipment for the successful design of your living room.


Protect multimedia equipment with the TV space power strip

Legrand equipments will allow you choose a power strip with a unique design, supply all your equipment but also combine all your connections into a single TV power strip. The Legrand multimedia power strip has a modern, elegant design that mimics an Internet box or a game console: its rough lines and black or white color allow it to blend in perfectly with the decor. Whether placed on top or fixed to the wall, the TV space power strip is the ideal solution for your living room, TV space.


Save energy in the living room with a standby power strip

It is important to know that electrical appliances consume electricity even when they are on standby. An extension cord is a simple solution to reduce your energy consumption. It has 6 grounded outlets, including a "Master" outlet, four outlets controlled by the "Master" outlet and a final standard outlet that is not controlled. When the device connected to the "Master" socket is in standby mode, the 4 associated sockets are no longer powered and the devices are switched off.


Create bright and relaxing atmospheres

In the living room or the dining room, real living rooms, visual comfort is essential. A softened atmosphere to chat with friends or watch a movie? A bright ambiance for a dinner party or for reading magazines? The choice is yours: an ecodimmer allows you to adjust the brightness level of one or more lamps with your fingertips.