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Guestrooms | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)

Discover our solutions for guestrooms

Legrand’s entire product development process is based around the analysis of your customers’ requirements and offers a configurator for Guest Room Management System (GRMS) solutions for high-end hotels. This simple and intuitive tool enables the selection and customisation of products tailored to the needs of a hotel and its guests. This is an opportunity to discover all the possibilities of the UX for Upscale Hotel range of room controllers via the configurator of the same name.

Guest room Management System

Thanks to the Legrand Guest Room Management System, different scenes can be set in each guest room for a new and unique experience. The objective is to consistently satisfy guests’ needs and expectations in their rooms. They will appreciate the ability to control the lighting, the curtains, the temperature and the fan control unit easily through the user friendly interfaces. Using Legrand multimedia connectivity solutions, your guests will be able to connect and use their high-tech equipment in their rooms.

In-room comfort

Providing a comfortable mattress for your guests is important, but is it enough to ensure they get a good night’s sleep in your hotel? With the right lighting and temperature conditions, you can provide your guests with even more comfort. They will appreciate the ability to control the lighting and the blinds easily using lighting scenario controllers, so that they can cope better with jet lag. And with Legrand thermostats they can program automatic air conditioning at night to improve their quality of sleep.

Keycard holder

Enter the room, insert the badge and the room will be automatically adjusted to welcome the guest with pre-set moods. You can add the room number to the corridor unit and customize it with different font and size options or your company logo can be added on any product you desire.

Outside the door indicator + key card reader

It includes the key card reader in RFID technology and the luminous notifications: (DND) Do Not Disturb, (MUR) Make Up Room indicator and touch pushbutton to activate the bell in the room. Possibility of customising the product with room number.

Customize your guests' experience

Totally made to measure, the product design provides top quality solutions for prestige installations. With our customisation tool, it is possible to choose the frame and touch plate colour (white, black, grey) and icons. With special options, you can add your Hotel logo, Room number and Icon name.

Enhance guest comfort

Legrand also provides stand-alone products designed to meet the highest standards for comfort in hotels. The range includes bedside panels for convenient, centralised control of various light sources, blinds and curtains and multi-standard or multimedia sockets to ensure hitch-free mobile device usage. Nightlights and LED illuminated trunking ensure greater safety as they enable guests to easily find their way in the dark the overall hotel design is a key factor for promoting customer loyalty.