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Wiring Devices Smart | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)

Choose the design of your Smart Home

Dress up your Smart Home with your favorite look. The plates can be matched, either favoring monochromatic solutions, or selecting from the many colors and materials available. The perfect combination of design and technology. Switches, sockets and many other smart functions, found in different Legrand lines.

wiring devices smart

Connected life made easy

Whatever changes life brings, the connected home easily adapts to these – thanks to Legrand Wiring Devices.  

Radio technology with wired and battery-operated wireless controls makes the whole installation flexible. The wiring does not have to be changed to integrate new functions or move a switch to a different location. 

Whether during installation or changes at a later stage everything can be completed quickly, simply and cost-effectively. Every day use, of course, stays as simple and intuitive as ever.

smart home

Avant-garde design

Legrand's designs, with care to the last detail, present a unique and distinctive shape, with materials, finishes, colors for each space, but with the technology that brings comfort to your home.

Connected Wiring Accessories

Arteor™ with Netatmo

Arteor™ with Netatmo

Individual, convenient and secure, Arteor with Netatmo adds a touch of smartness to your home. 

Céliane™ with Netatmo

Céliane™ with Netatmo

Control your lights and other devices, wherever you are with your voice using a voice assistant.

Mallia Senses™ with Netatmo

Mallia Senses™ with Netatmo

Colors, finishes and various functionalities designed to fit any interior.

Livinglight™ with Netatmo

Livinglight™ with Netatmo

Create a smart home without changing your habits.

Mosaic™ with Netatmo

Mosaic™ with Netatmo

Manage your household appliances and building lighting, as well as automated systems.

Wiring Devices Smart

Living Now with Netatmo

Living Now with Netatmo - The Connected Home

Arteor with Netatmo

Arteor with Netatmo

Céliane with Netatmo

Céliane with Netatmo

Legrand's main Smart Products

residencial energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency for Residentials

Discover about Legrand solutions for energy efficiency in residential spaces


smart catalog legrand

Smart Home Catalog

Take a tour of our connected home. Your home can be connected simply with Legrand and Netatmo.


ecommerce legrand smart products

E-commerce of Smart Products

Buy Legrand Smart Products Online or you can also contact a specialized consultant

Smart home
Get in Touch

Let's build a Smart Home together?

Let us keep in touch and accompany you in the smart project of your dreams.

Legrand offers you the possibility to connect your home in a simple way thanks to a truly coherent and scalable ecosystem, manufacturing products that are useful in everyday life, designed to be safe and durable.

Bastien Minotte
Marketing manager of Legrand for Smart Home

Smart Home: the time is now!

Legrand's smart home solutions have been developed to generate well-being among people, for maximum comfort in the home. While all this is happening, the smart solutions are implemented in an effort to generate energy efficiency, promoting the responsible use of energy, starting with measurement and control. Likewise, with smart solutions, security is guaranteed in the home, with specific products to provide security to users, both in the use of products developed specifically to provide security, as well as professional and high-level installation that protects communication between smart products. 
A smart home is the present.