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Safeguarding power quality, monitoring & enhancing efficiency

The technical room, an essential part of the data centre, must be dimensioned to distribute and protect a building’s entire electrical infrastructure, right up to the servers, yet still take account of energy quality and lower energy consumption considerations.

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Legrand Data Center Solutions

Legrand Data Center Solutions is responsible for the complete data center portfolio of Legrand, Minkels and Raritan. The customer is now meeting his needs faster in the continuously changing data center market.

A single point of contact with years of knowledge, supported by specialists with specific expertise and a coordinated innovative product portfolio for the complete data center request.

Customers are always assured of the latest data center technologies, modular solutions that meet customer-specific and evolving business needs.

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Power Enclosures

The Legrand XL³ range was designed to meet the needs of all power distribution requirements up to 4000 A. From XL³ 125 up to XL³ 4000, all the enclosures provide optimum performance and easy installation.

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XCP includes all the necessary components to enable any path for the busbar run that the project requires. The straight elements are available in versions for transport and distribution (with tap-off outlets) of high-power energy.

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UPS, with optimized energy efficiency, ensure the power demand is as close as possible to the actual requirements and reduce power losses. If the efficiency of the UPS is increased, it will give off less heat, which will reduce cooling and consumption losses.

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Thanks to experience in the production of cast resin transformers and constant investment in R&D, Legrand provides high quality products: Compliant with the EN 50588-1 standard, lower energy consumption, Decrease of CO2 emissions and more.

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Whether you are retrofitting an existing facility, or planning for growth or new construction, Raritan’s BCM system can help you reduce energy costs, track power usage, and prevent downtime.


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Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Data centers consume vast quantities of energy. Discover Legrand solutions for a more energy efficient data center.


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