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Ficolo | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)

Ficolo found Legrand as a trusted supplier, when it came to setting up their new data center ‘The Air’ in Helsinki.

“The cooperation went really well, and Legrand and Enkom Active Oy provided good support when we needed to make some changes for a particular customer who requested a special design in the racks. We were able to meet his demands well and rapidly. The client was really happy, and thus so were we. We did a good job together in this whole journey. It was an example of flexibility, reliability and speed, just like we promise our customers.”

legrand data center

Ficolo project

2021 in Helsinki, Finland

The fourth pillar of Ficolo’s business is Ficolo-IX, which is the main connectivity hub in Finland. The Air data park in Helsinki can grow to 50MW. Kim: “In this particular space, we needed a differentiating solution. The highest quality, combined with a maximum of flexibility. There’s where Legrand came in. We already knew the company and already used some of their products, such as PDU’s, so we knew what quality we could expect.”

legrand data center

The solution

For this data center, Ficolo chose the Modulan 62U racks and containment. “The 62U racks offer far more space than the traditional 42U ones, which was a decisive purchase reason for us. These racks deliver 20-40 kW per rack, or more if needed. For our clients, we price them the same as the 42U racks, while they get 50% more server space. This is interesting for quite some of our customers, for now or for the future.”

modulan legrand

Modulan racks & containment

Modulan products are made of highly flexible aluminium profiles. Apart from being lightweight, which of course reduces the net weight of the cabinet system itself, the aluminium profiles offer surprising possibilities for mounting accessories. Solid connections allow for professional assembly of cable management, equipment and power supply. On top of that, the products are designed to be compatible with accessories from all renowned suppliers.


Legrand Data Center Solutions

The cooperation went really well, and Legrand provided good support when we needed to make some changes for a particular customer.

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