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Floor boxes | Legrand Myanmar (Burma)

Floor boxes

Aesthetics, adaptability & modularity

Whether the flush or the standard version, floor boxes have been designed to integrate seamlessly into any type of floor and meet all your requirements in terms of finish, number of sockets and ease of use. Both quick and easy to install, these solutions are ideal for offices, meeting rooms, schools, hospitals, shops, etc.

Numerous configurations

Depending on the box version chosen (standard, flush or round), the offer includes up to three finishes (plastic, stainless steel or brass) to blend in with the floor covering and the desired final appearance. Three floor box sizes and two mounting positions are available. The choice depends on the number of sockets required, the desired use and the height available in the floor: 12/18/24 modules for sockets in horizontal position and 8/12/16 modules for sockets in vertical position.

Flexible, customisable and fully modular

All standard version and flush version floor boxes are modular, which means they can easily adapt to the needs of each project and keep in step with the project progress. This allows decisions to be taken as the work progresses, allowing more time for discussion or if, for example, there is a change of environment (floor type, decorative finish, etc).