About Legrand Myanmar


Legrand is a French industrial group, world leader in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks. As the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand's offering covers seven strategic fields of activity:

  • User interface (switches, power sockets, and more);
  • Energy distribution (distribution panels, circuit breakers and more);
  • Building systems (lighting management, security systems and more);
  • Cable management (trunking, floor boxes and more);
  • Digital infrastructure (enclosures, patch panels, RJ45 sockets and more);
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply);
  • Installation components (pipes, ducts, extensions and more).


In Myanmar, the brand has been sold since the late 90’ and is growing since then.


The Myanmar branch office opened in May 2014 in MICT Park to support distributors and local stakeholders from the construction sector.


 Since 2014, our team is getting bigger and stronger every year. Thus, we are able to follow the fast growth of the Myanmar’s market.